Dirty Laundry

Don Henley’s song “Dirty Laundry” came to mind as I watched a news clip recently. A reporter interviewed an elderly lady in Moore, Oklahoma. Standing in front of a pile of debris, the lady recounted the moments when the tornado destroyed her home. She told of sitting on a stool with her dog in her lap. She was tossed about and did not know where her dog was. She just hoped he was still alive.

At that moment, the reporter heard the dog and pointed to a nearby pile of rubble. The elderly lady immediately began lifting pieces of debris. The reporter and camera person just stood there. The lady pleaded for help. The reporter finally came to her aid and helped free the little dog. The microphone appears on the left side of the shot. Oh, we do not want to miss a single sound of this event.

Why did it take a desperate plea before the reporter helped this poor woman? She should have jumped in there with the lady and lifted the debris. Have we lost all sense of humanity and compassion?

In recent blog posts and newsletter articles, several of us here at Parsec have talked about the need to take care of physical and mental health through exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and community involvement. Life cannot be solely about your investment portfolio. Yes, you need money to survive. Selecting an appropriate asset allocation and developing an investment plan are important. In my opinion, focusing solely on your investment portfolio will not give you the balanced life that you need. As the saying goes, you cannot take it with you when you die.

As you have probably heard, the American Red Cross is accepting donations for the victims of the tornado. Their website is www.redcross.org. If you are able to donate to them or the charity of your choice, I am sure your assistance would be appreciated.

It is so easy to lose focus in the daily grind of life. Let’s try to keep some prospective and help each other when we can.

Cristy Freeman, AAMS
Senior Operations Associate

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