Gonna Make You Sweat

My last blog featured a story about financial planners using yoga in their business practice. Somehow, I’ve managed to find yet another connection between finance and exercise. As I was online perusing Bloomberg the other day, a headline about sweaty Wall Streeters caught my eye. At first I was grossed out by the mental image that immediately came to mind, then I saw something about spin-class meetings. The article was describing a growing trend on Wall Street to conduct client meetings after early morning exercise classes rather than having the usual post-work, waistline-expanding drinks and dinner.

Given the exponential rise in obesity-related diseases in this country, I see this as a positive move. I’ve also noticed an increased interest in health in our own office on Wall Street in Asheville. Gone are the days of the bottomless candy bowl and rarely will you find any doughnuts in the kitchen. There is a slight uptick in sweet treats around the holidays, but it’s nothing like it used to be. And when we do receive a thoughtful, delicious yet sugary gift from a client or vendor it seems to take much longer to disappear these days. We have added a fitness-related event our calendar, as well – this year marks the third annual Parsec Prize 5k in October, where proceeds go to the recipients of the year’s Parsec Prize winners. Many of our employees participate in the race and enjoy a little friendly competition.

Some of us enjoy a lot of competition – I’ll have to miss the 5k this year to participate in my third CrossFit Garage Games (I had already committed to it before I knew the dates were the same), and I’m no longer the only CrossFitter at Parsec. Speaking of which, I work out at 6 a.m. most mornings – any takers?

Sarah DerGarabedian, CFA
Director of Research

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