Looks Like We Made It

As I read over our recent blog posts, I thought it was high time for an entry that’s full of positive, upbeat, exciting news. So I’m obviously not going to talk about the stock market, politics, or the weather. I’m going to talk about myself…again (and Harli Palme, and Travis Boyer, so it’s not ALL about me).

You’ve heard me bellyache about studying for CFA exams for as long as this blog has existed, and I am ever so pleased to tell you that it’s all over – we passed the third and final exam! You’ll never have to hear my complaints again, and I’ll finally be able to live life to its fullest. Yes, that’s right – I can watch American Idol! Take naps! File my nails!

In all seriousness, though, Parsec has added two more CFA charterholders to its highly credentialed staff, which further underscores our commitment to high ethical and professional standards. I just hope that all the TV I plan to watch doesn’t leach that valuable information from my brain. Most importantly, I will never have to dread the first Saturday in June ever again, and I can finally enjoy Memorial Day weekend guilt-free.


Sarah DerGarabedian, Director of Research

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