No More Excuses

At my recent annual check-up (which I never actually get annually – in fact, this was my first real “physical” in about, oh, 10 years) my doctor asked me all the usual questions: do I smoke (no), drink (a little), eat well (mostly), exercise (umm, yeah…but not lately). He really gave me a hard time about that last response. I tried to tell him that I fully planned to get back into the groove as soon as I stopped studying in early June. I think he thought I was just making up excuses, but I swear it’s the truth. Well, then there was vacation…the only exercise I got there was adjusting my beach chair and lifting fried shrimp with a fork.

OK, so now it’s time. As it happens, Parsec is sponsoring our first ever 5k this fall. There it is – the perfect motivator! It’s been at least 5 years since I ran a 5k, and I’ve been exercising only sporadically since then (I have lots of good reasons for that, thank you very much). I volunteered to be on the 5k planning committee, and before I could stop the words coming out of my mouth, I mentioned that I’d be happy to post a beginner’s training schedule, follow it, and blog my progress. So I guess there’s no getting out of it now!

I plan to start my 9-week training regimen in mid-August, which should get me ready by race day. In the spirit of full disclosure, I’m not exactly starting from zero – I’ve been walking on the treadmill while watching Lost (I’m starting Season 2 now – do NOT tell me what happens), which is also a great motivator. I practically throw my son into bed after dinner so I can jump on the treadmill and find out what happens. But walking on a treadmill isn’t the same as running outside, so it will still be an uphill battle (especially since the race course ends with us going up Flint Street – thanks a lot for that!).

I thought I’d give everyone ample notice, so that 1) I’m locked in and I can’t back out, and 2) you can join in and share my pain! Doesn’t that sound fun? Stay tuned for more details on the race, which we’ll be releasing in early August. Happy trails!

Sarah DerGarabedian, Director of Research

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