Parsec Supports Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

In this quarter’s newsletter, I talked about volunteering.  We all have a passion for something – helping homeless people, caring for the elderly, providing financial education, et cetera.  My cause is animal rescue. 

I mentioned that some of us at Parsec set up a fundraising team for Brother Wolf’s 4th annual “Run for the Paws.”  Our team, Hoofin’ for Woofin’, raised $1,275 for the no-kill shelter.  Several people here have pets.  The majority of them are rescues, so we received almost all of our donations from folks here at Parsec. 

Held this past Sunday, the event itself brought in over $15,000.  Brother Wolf will use the funds to provide medical care, food, and shelter for hundreds of animals at the shelter or in foster homes. 

Our mascot, Quinn.
Our mascot, Quinn.

Misty Cardone, her husband Phil, their dog Quinn, Laura Greene, and I participated in the one-mile walk along with lots of other walkers and their dogs.  Barbara Gray and her Yorkie, Brianna, cheered us on from the sidelines.  

Our cheerleader Brianna
Our cheerleader Brianna

The weather was beautiful.  We finally had a warm, sunny day instead of the persistent gloom and cold we have endured all winter.

Our involvement with the shelter does not end with “Run for the Paws.”  For the second year, we are sponsoring Brother Wolf’s Critter Camp.  Children will learn about animal care, pet behavior, pet training, and animal rescue.  In my opinion, teaching children to be caring and compassionate to animals makes them better human beings. 

I encourage all of you to consider what inspires you and get involved in your community.  As I said in the newsletter article, volunteering may not lead to higher portfolio returns or increased financial worth.  It can provide you with personal satisfaction, something money cannot buy.

Cristy Freeman, AAMS
Senior Operations Associate

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