All Things Green

Remember those “green shoots” we kept hearing about in the economy? It appears that the buds are finally breaking and spring has come. Over the past year we’ve heard that term quite a bit from economists and commentators referring to small hopeful signs of recovery from the Great Recession. Since then the news has gotten even better. No one talks of green shoots anymore, but rather full-on recovery.

In other news of things “green,” Parsec awarded the first quarter Parsec Prize to Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy and Southern Appalachian Highland Conservancy. The prize ($9,000 to each), was given to these organizations because we wanted our first quarter Parsec Prize to go toward supporting land conservancy and stewardship in North Carolina. Both CMLC and SAHC are such great organizations that we couldn’t choose between the two. Thanks in part to the work of these groups North Carolina is a beautiful place to live.

Lastly, today is April 1, and it appears we may have survived this gray and icy winter. The weather here in Asheville is warm and sunny and the flowers are blooming on the trees. Happy Easter, Happy Spring, and have a great weekend!

Harli L. Palme, CFP®
Financial Advisor

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