New Quarterly Reports

We have introduced new reports for our quarterly review statements that we send out to clients.  As a client, you will receive these over the next few months.  These new reports are an improvement over the former reports both ascetically and informatively.  Take some time to review these reports and let us know if you have any questions about how you should be reading them.  In the new reports you will find:

  • An introductory letter commenting on the financial markets and economic situation;
  • An invoice calculating your fee;
  • Household Overview listing all of your accounts;
  • Portfolio overview that depicts year-to-date contributions and withdrawals, year-to-date realized and unrealized gains, income received and fees charged;
  • Portfolio overview that depicts your asset allocation in graphic and table format, as well as a graph showing the increase/decrease of your portfolio over the quarter;
  • Performance report that shows a time-weighted return (TWR).  TWR is the standard industry performance calculation that accounts for cash flows in and out of the portfolio.  There are columns that show year-to-date, latest 1-year (rolling 12-months), and annualized since inception returns.  The returns shown are for your total account, returns for the equity portion of our account, and fixed income portion if applicable.  We have also provided returns for a variety of indices for your comparison:
    • Russell 3000 Index – largest 3000 U.S. stocks
    • MSCI EAFE Index – an international index for Europe, Asia and Far East stocks
    • S&P 500 Index – largest 500 U.S. stocks
    • Barclays Intermediate Gov’t/Credit Index – corporate bonds and U.S. government securities, 3-10 years in maturity
    • Barclays Muni Bond Index – a national aggregate of municipal bonds

In general our portfolios are comprised of a mix of these investments.  The equities portion often has 20% international (EAFE) and 15% in small and mid-size companies (represented in the Russell 3000).

  • Appraisal that shows a listing of your current holdings.

We hope that you find the new reports informative.  Thank you!

Harli L. Palme, CFA, CFP®


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