Retired! Now What?

If your hobby is your job, then you will be frustrated in retirement. Even if you have a hobby or two, could you fill up your time with golf or boating every single day? Having little to do will could possibly lead to an early death by boredom.

We have busy clients doing all sorts of volunteer activities that bring much satisfaction to their lives. Meals on Wheels is a popular volunteer job, as well as helping out with the Asheville Symphony. I have a client who is a guardian ad litem and her husband volunteers at the VA hospital. Another couple has an RV and they travel all over having unbelievable adventures. This last year they served as guides in the Wyoming Territorial Prison (that’s guides, not guards). This is a prison that was built in 1872 and is now a tourist attraction. They have also cleaned litter off of trails at the Wyoming Green River Lakes and the Rails to Trails in Susanville, California. They have served as guides on cave tours in the Long Horn Caverns in Texas and next year they are planning to go to Houston to do tours on the Battleship Texas. In exchange for their labors, they get free camping privileges with their RV, but must pay for the gas to travel themselves.

There are unlimited volunteer opportunities, both locally and far away. I have clients whose children are helping out in Africa. So if you are sitting at home, watching television or surfing the internet (reading this article?), perhaps you could find some fun and exciting volunteer job that is just right for you!

Barbara Gray, CFP®

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